‘The Moustachio Quartet~ Eissenstrom’ has something brand new to say…

Where can the story go in the last instalment? The last book in the series [still in process of being written] begins to be much anticipated it seems…

The metaphysical meets reality, with an idea that may never have appeared in print before. Indeed, there are two very unusual treats for those readers keen to investigate the nature of reality and how we as species make sense of a strange world. Interestingly, close observation of the narrative, in the available books [Caruso, Zapik, Mannikin] may allow the discerning reader to decipher, or at least begin to recognise, the developing idea before it arrives. I wonder…

Clive Wilkins Eissenstrom Hay Festival 2015

Hay Festival 2015 Hay Festival 2015

By popular request~ Nicky Clayton’s reading from ‘Private Passions’.

Prof. Nicky Clayton’s chosen extract taken from ‘The Moustachio Quartet~ Count Zapik’, by Clive Wilkins, which she read during her BBC Radio ‘Private Passions’ programme, is set out below. There are three books in the quartet currently in print, available from Amazon. The last book in the series is still being written and will be published in 2016.

The books explore the subjective experience of thinking amidst the miasma of being, examining the experiences of four protagonists who pass through the mythical city of Warcapest. The works provide text extracts for the lecture series ‘The Captured Thought’ which Nicky and Clive have undertaken in the UK, in Europe and in the U.S.A.

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Clive Wilkins Count ZapikClive Wilkins Count Zapik

‘As he lay, looking up ‘above’ and into the stars, he dreamily watched them pass by at their own speed, not like the shooting stars, but at the speed the universe moves itself around the sun. The boy noticed, and could see the constellations sliding past the building~ wrapping their mysterious, ancient patterns around the edifice. Gaspard sensed he was right next to them by virtue of being on top of the high roof. He imagined he had always been there, and then pictured himself always having been there, as the hotel before it had ever been built, disappeared beneath him. The young bellhop was left suspended, in an interlude before he or his little job existed. He floated above reality, lost in time or beyond time, beneath the sky, but above the earth, not really sleeping yet, although just about to be, abandoned in a space between one place and another, breathing gently…

 …idly wondering if anything that could ever be thought by him, really mattered. The vast emptiness and the nothing he found himself experiencing in this moment, held him within its dominion.’

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