‘The Moustachio Quartet’s’ author, Clive Wilkins, recently appeared at the Hay Festival 2018 to discuss his novels ~ in conversation with Professor Nicky Clayton FRS. Event 162.

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton 2.jpgPunctuating the H A Y letters

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton 1.jpgIn the green room

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton.jpgAt the ‘Landrover’, ‘GQ’ Hay Festival dinner

Hay Festival artists dinner 2018.jpgThe Hay Festival dinner 2018

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton 3.JPGDuring the ‘Clive Wilkins in conversation with Nicky Clayton’ event

The Moustachio Quartet at The Hay Festival 2018. The author Clive Wilkins talks to Prof. Nicky Clayton F.R.S.

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Best Clive Wilkins author Nicky Clayton FRS copy


The Moustachio Quartet~ last seen in The People’s Republic of China~ Beijing

Clive Wilkins in China 3.JPG

Clive Wilkins in China JPG.JPG

The artist and author, Clive Wilkins.

The Moustachio Quartet by Clive Wilkins. The author in conversation with Prof. Nicky Clayton FRS at The Hay Literary Festival 2018


Clive Wilkins Moustachio Quartet Hay Festival.JPGMoustachio Quartet Clive Wilkins Hay Festival.JPGClive Wilkins Hay Festival .jpg

Clive Wilkins next to the Pacific Ocean


7th International CAT Conference. University of Nottingham. Hosted by ACAT and ICATA~ Reformulation and Memory: The stories we tell in reconstructing the past. 20-23 September 2017


Clive Wilkins 2.jpg

Clive Wilkins 1.jpg



The Moustachio Quartet~ Eissenstrom is at the printers.

Clive Wilkins Eissenstrom

Clive Wilkins The Moustachio Quartet

Summer 2017~ In the Land of Blighty



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