‘The Moustachio Quartet~ Eissenstrom’ has something brand new to say…

Where can the story go in the last instalment? The last book in the series [still in process of being written] begins to be much anticipated it seems…

The metaphysical meets reality, with an idea that may never have appeared in print before. Indeed, there are two very unusual treats for those readers keen to investigate the nature of reality and how we as species make sense of a strange world. Interestingly, close observation of the narrative, in the available books [Caruso, Zapik, Mannikin] may allow the discerning reader to decipher, or at least begin to recognise, the developing idea before it arrives. I wonder…

Clive Wilkins Eissenstrom Hay Festival 2015

Hay Festival 2015 Hay Festival 2015

THREE parts of the Quartet to be published by the end of January 2015!

We have managed to fast track three of The Moustachio Quartet titles.

Caruso Maelstrom, Count Zapik and Xavier Maelstrom will be available from AMAZON in ‘paperback’ from the end of January 2015.

These titles are also available in Kindle format.

Eissenstrom, the last book in the series, is currently being written.

It will be possible to buy the books directly from WIND on the WIRE Publishing later in the year.

The Moustachio Quartet~ Count Zapik~ NOW PUBLISHED!!

Clive Wilkins


‘Count Zapik’ went live and was officially published on 22nd December 2014. Two other novels in the series are in hot pursuit and should appear in the first few months of 2015. All the books are available through good bookstores and from Amazon. You can read about it on the Cambridge University, Department of Psychology website at http://www.psychol.cam.ac.uk/news/count-zapik

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